Some Different Types Of Fabric

Some Different Types Of Fabric

There are different types of fabric used according to the occasion and dress use.
Below I’ve mention some fabric used for men’s shirting…

Cotton Fabric: Cotton fabric is one of the popular and well known fabric as it is soft & provides comfort in all weather. The fabric is made of cotton fiber blend and is plain woven fabric.

Oxford: It’s widely chosen for semi-formals & workday casuals.
These fabrics are normally blend of cotton & polyester. The fabric is soft and shiny and made of basket weave type.

Pinpoint: This fabric or shirts are mostly chosen for Formals. The fabric is also known as pinpoint oxford as the the weaving is kind of similar and variation of regular oxford.

Dobby : It’s more dressy then formal according the the pattern. Dobbie are well known shirting fabrics that is woven on the dobby loom. The fabric is characterized by its unique texture and pattern, mostly found in Dotted pattern, striped pattern and small geometrical all over pattern.

Linen: The fabric is plain woven, valuable for its features and comfort and wrinkles faster. According to the fiber blend the fabric is used in summers as its light-weighted and soft, also used in rainy as dries faster and in winter as it prevents the body from freezing.

There are other fabric also those are used according the fiber composition, pattern, weave type and yarn type as the different properties affect the result fabric.

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