About Us

Directors are in the business of garments manufacturing from last 25 years. Since then it was conceived to produce executive formal, Trendy casual as well as high quality uniforms of highest international standards. With this aim the production unit was commissioned with the state of art, machinery and sophisticated equipments that are required for making quality conscious top end brands.

Now the company is a leading garment manufacturer from central India. It has a most automated unit of central India equipped with top end machineries and professional experienced team.

Unit is manned by a work force of 200 peoples which consists of professional technicians, managers, business managers, and administrators. Together they specialize in manufacturing all types of garments for men and women. The philosophy of the team is to think quality which helps them to make high class garment. To support this commitment the management has equipped the manufacturing link in the quality chain basis right from the customers briefing of their requirement & packing & shipment.The company complies with both the local & international laws relating to garment exports.

The company has also made a considerable investment into testings, research and development process. The unit employs the finest international technology, Developments & specialization being an ongoing exercise, the company prides itself for its quality production & compliance to rigid standards & norms laid down by its buyers. The conformity to high quality standards is as good as the best in the business. This has helped FABRICRAFT making an image in its field.